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    a 2 million contract for general construction has been set aside for HUBzone SB. Which of the following sub contracts comply with the limitations of sub contracting for SB. 1.5 mil sub with a WOSB assuming no other contracts awarded, 1.5 mil SB with OTSB assuming no other contracts awarded, 1 mil 1st tier sub with HUBzone SBassuming no other sub contracts awarded., lastly, 1.9 mil sub contract with WOSB assumming no other sub -cons will be awarded. I don't get it. 50% rule throws me off. I got this wrong 4 times


    Recommend reviewing FAR 52-219-14 at  For general construction, the rule is 85% of the amount paid.

    The first-tier sub must be similarly situated.  In this case only subcontracting to another HUBZone qualifies since the prime is a HUBZone.

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