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    What is the is the process of assigning an OCR, is it covered under a specific regulation or policy.


    1)  DoDI 5000.02, “OPERATION OF THE ADAPTIVE ACQUISITION FRAMEWORK”, defines the overall responsibilities of the Milestone Decision Authority (MDA), Program Executive Officer (PEO), and program manager (PM) as follows:

    3.1. MDA/DA. The MDA/DA is the program decision authority and specifies the decision points and procedures for assigned programs. MDAs/DAs will tailor program strategies and oversight, phase content, the timing and scope of decision reviews, and decision levels based on the characteristics of the capability being acquired (including complexity, risk, and urgency) to satisfy user requirements. MDAs for MDAPs and major systems will approve, as appropriate, the acquisition strategy at all major decision points.

    3.2. PROGRAM EXECUTIVE OFFICER (PEO). The PEO balances the risk, cost, schedule, performance, interoperability, sustainability, and affordability of a portfolio of acquisition programs and delivers an integrated suite of mission effective capability to users.

    3.3. PM. Under the supervision of PEOs and CAEs, PMs: a. Plan acquisition programs, prepare programs for key decisions, and execute approved acquisition and product support strategies. b. Employ a thoughtful, innovative, and disciplined approach to program management.


    2) The PM is the single point of accountability for DoD systems support and total life cycle systems management for all programs; however, the PSM is responsible to the PM for life cycle product support. The PSM supports the PM in the development of a performance-based life cycle product support strategy (PSS) required for all covered systems in the Defense Acquisition System (DAS) as codified in DoD Directive (DoDD) 5000.01 and DoDI 5000.02, Operation of the Adaptive Acquisition Framework.  Also, see


    3)  DoDI 5000.91, “PRODUCT SUPPORT MANAGEMENT FOR THE ADAPTIVE ACQUISITION FRAMEWORK”, defines life cycle product support and details what the Product Support Strategy (PSS) & Life Cycle Sustainment Plan (LCSP) must address.  One key element is the fielding plan and OPR/OCR responsibilities.  These plans and strategies are drafted by the PM/PSM and approved by the MDA at various milestones and key decision points in the acquisition lifecycle.  The PSM will implement the PSS via the LCSP.  DoDI 5000.91 is at


    4)  In addition, each service/agency may have their own site activation and system fielding policy/regulation.  See for more information. 

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