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    I am currently working on a IDIQ Contract with a cost-plus fixed fee, I am trying to format the DD1279 but I have never completed one and wanted to ask if there is a example to use.


    We have tried to contact you without success. In the absence of further clarification, we interpreted your question as asking about the DD Form 1155, Order for Supplies and Services. The link below leads to a document with the instructions. 

    Instructions for Filling Out DD Form 1155.docx (

    The DFARS PGI reference and instructions for the DD From 1155 can be found at the follwing link:


    If your question is about the 1279 (Report for Congressional Notification), it involves dollar thresholds for notification to Congress that you did not provide.  For more informaiton please see this previously answered Ask a Professor Question:!details|18182

    Each agency has their own template for the report, but here is the AFFARS section about the report:





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