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    Is the DoD Guide referenced above what is being referred to as retired? Since the request to our organization (ServiceNow) was to develop an application based on this Guide, I wanted to verify that the Guide is no longer being used. And also obtain guidance if there is one Guidebook, or an over-arching publication or document, that would provide us with a comprehensive Acquisition Program that we could model the requirements from? Thank you very much. P. S. I would also be pleased with a phone call, as an alternate method of answering my question.


    The DoD Risk, Issue, and Opportunity Management Guide for Defense Acquisition Programs (Jan 2017) is a valid reference guide for Department of Defense Risk, Issue, and Opportunity management guidance.  The 'Guide' you referenced is the Defense Acquisition Guidebook, also referred to as the DAG is being retired in lieu of the guidebooks located on the Adaptive Acquisition Framework site.

    The guidebooks provide best practices with regard to Defense Acquisition and cover a wide range of acquisition topics.


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