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    Is there a guide or any information that identifies when each part of the LCSP should be started and complete throughout the life cycle of a system. Also is there something that identifies documents that are helpful when completing each of these sections.


    There is a newly updated published outline for DoD LCSP use.  Here is the link:

    LCSP Outline Version 3.0 13_October_2022 v1.pdf (

    There is no specific timeline for individual sections of the LCSP concerning their updating.  Your service may have established expected timelines, but the DoD instruction states:

    "Update the LCSP:

    • At each milestone and the Full Rate Production (FRP) decision (DoDI 5000.91 para 7.1c)

    • Prior to each change in the PSS (DoDI 5000.91 para 7.1c)

    • Following approval or revalidation of the Product Support Business Case Analysis (PSBCA) and before Sustainment Reviews (SR) (DoDI 5000.91 para 4.3d)

    • Every five years (DoDI 5000.91 para 7.1c)

    • For major upgrades or modifications (Recommended)

    For programs using other Adaptive Acquisition Framework (AAF) pathways, consult DoDI 5000.91 and the pathway DoDI for details

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