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    Hello, I am looking for information on how Operational Effectiveness is measured. Is it a percent (Successful Missions/Total Missions) or some other unit? I was searching the catalog for a course that covers it but can't find one. I have lots of materials from the internet on the topic, but cannot find anything that talks about actual measurement and factors in a way we do for Ao for example. Appreciate any info or links or advice you can share. Thank you!


    Operational Effectiveness is a complex topic it requires significant discussion to fully understand.

    Operational effectiveness requires balance between Mission Effectiveness (i.e., can the system do it) and Life Cycle Cost (i.e., can the program afford it) and Process Efficiency (i.e., are the processes responsive to the equipment and user needs).  So in summary, it is a combination of factors, not just one. Many of the Measures of Effectiveness are identified by the original Ao, Am, Reliability, Maintainability, Supportability requirements established in document such as the ICD, and CCD. Often, trade-offs must occur to achieve an Operational Effectiveness balance. When we determine these factors, they combine to give us a larger picture of an Affordable Operational Effectivness.  We cover these topics as well as Suitability (System is: Supportable + Mission Effective + in Intended Environment) in our LOG 211V Supportability Analysis Virtual Instructor Led course being offered in Jan and Feb 2023. Details at 

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