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    Within the Performance Work Statement (PWS) it clearly states the required qualifications of the SMEs/Consultants that the directed source needs to provide to conduct the TAAM sessions. The PWS states that the USG can ask for the qualification from the contractor at any time, which the contractor does provide on a timely manner. Can the customer (KSA) demand and do we (USG) need to give them copies of the qualifications that we have received from the contractor, redacted of PPI of course?


    We strongly recommend reading your contract and going through your

    legal, host nation coordinator and liaisons at the embassy to determine what

    is releasable or not releasable to the host nation.  These folks will be able

    to point you to the policy (e.g. FMS), agreements (e.g. SOFA) and laws in play

    and provide information on what you are allowed to share or not.

    Unfortunately, the FAR and DFARS regulations are not going to help you

    understand what is releasable, and many times this type of information is

    considered confidential or protected because of its sensitive nature.

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