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    I am working through MS C documentation requirements for an ACAT II program that was formerly an MDAP. AAFDID identifies a statutory requirement for AoA, however the language in AAFDID dropdown only identifies a requirement for MDAP.


    Thanks for pointing out the discrepancy.  The language noted in the dropdown is the correct application of the statutory and regulatory requirements for an AoA.  An AoA is a Statutory requirement for MDAPs at Milestone and A and B and regulatory for all other ACAT levels.  The table is being updated to reflect the correct requirement.  While an AoA is regulatory in your specific situation, the MDA may direct that one be conducted.  Additional information regarding AoAs can be found in the DODD 5105.84, Director of Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation, as well as, on the AAF site at

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