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    Are you aware of DAU training material or a class to inform users how to write risks against the baseline cost, schedule, and performance? Ideally, the course would include examples demonstrating the shortcomings of risks not written against identified baseline and the benefits of adequately written risks. In addition, I envision showing examples of baseline schedule (similar for cost and performance) and demonstrating how to assess impact when for example, one activity schedule is changed on other scheduled activities and overall schedule. Also, showing examples of activities with enough leg that, when postponed, will not affect the schedule.


    DAU provides multiple courses and workshops that address risks in acquisition.  DAU courses that address Earned Value Management address the topics you noted extensively.  The OLT courses of CLV-016, CLV-017, and CLV-020 cover baselines and theoretical adjustments.  The EVM courses of 101, 102, and 263 address the topics in detail as well with the latter providing instruction on the use of a Monte Carlo simulation for schedule risk analysis.  Additionally, DAU can provide direct consulting to address your training needs via workshops.  The workshops can be either from our established set e.g. WSB-008 EVM, or from content specifically created to support your specific situation.  The courses can be accessed via the DAU web site at  Workshop consulting services information is located on our site here:  Course and workshop descriptions can be found on the DAU icatalog page located here:  The workshop naming construct begins with the letter W to differentiate them from the course offerings.

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