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    i am a DHS federal civilian doing research with Rand on the adaptive acquisition framework. We wanted to obtain 2 artifacts: 1. the vizio diagram or powerpoint slide for the graphic on 2. I can download the ppt (here-- ) BUT there is a password on the deck... thank you!


    The files associated with the AAF website, AAF diagram, and the Interactive Wall Chart are simply PowerPoint files.  You can download them and open them with the application.  Doing that for the Interactive Wall Chart will allow you to right click on each linked icon on the first slide to see the hyper link text to the corresponding slide in the deck.  This will also allow you to have access to all the slides in the deck.  There is no requirement to unlock the file via the password to see all the links or the remaining slides in the deck.  There is no related Visio file for the AAF diagram, it was created using the available shapes in the PowerPoint application.

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