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    Looking for an MOA example for equipment use.


    So the process fairly simple for two DoD organizations to establish a Memorandum of Agreement - in this case for equipment sharing.

    First need to identify who will be the signatory parties for each unit.  Probably would need to be the Commanding Officer of each unit.

    Each party should draft out their expectations for what equipment is to be shared and periods of use.  If the situation concerns a single asset that must be shared between the two units, some measure of equity must be established ("When I need it" is not really fair or measurable).

    These expectations should be shared between the two units' leadership (including senior NCO and/or operations managers) for agreement.  If both sides are in agreement, the terms can then be drawn up.

    The web link referenced here shows an MOA between the DoD and the DHS.  Clearly your two units will not have this sort of "reach" - but if the DoD can operate within these parameters, your two units should be OK.




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