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    What's the difference between Predictive Logistics and PPMx? I was told that Predictive Logistics was replacing PPMx. Thanks


    PPMx = Prognostic and Predictive Maintenance.  As you have noted, PPMx is connected most closely with equipment maintenance.  In PPMx, we are employing a system to help commands determine (in advance) what maintenance actions are forthcoming, based on the use of digital twin data, current equipment failure and wear-down metrics, and analysis.  PPMx also captures Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) elements to determine if a command will perform preventive maintenance before a failure occurs, replace a component prior to data-predicted failure, or use until failure.

    Predictive Logistics seeks to tie the maintenance function with the supply support function and the manpower & personnel function, such that the replacement parts are pushed prior to need, and the technicians and tools are in place at the needed time (instead of waiting for the maintenance order to be submitted).

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