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    Where should GFP be identified in an IDIQ contract? Is there a reference number?


    Neither the FAR or DFARS specifically addresses whether to provide property on the base IDIQ contract versus the task order (TO) or delivery order (DO) level. Therefore, such policies and procedures are typically addressed in agency supplements to the FAR or by organizational policy and instructions.

    Selecting whether to assign property to the base IDIQ contract versus a TO or DO is a business decision. For example, you may have a multi-award IDIQ contract that has TOs or DOs to supports multiple DoD components (i.e., Army, Navy, Air Force). It may be determined more prudent to assign property at the order level to maintain accountability and visibility of each component’s assets to avoid use of one DoD Component’s property from being used or consumed on the TO or DO of another DoD Component. Also, the life cycle of Government property (i.e., acquisition through disposition and contract property closeout) should be taken into account. It is suggested that you contact your Government Property Division leadership for the rationale behind their business decision.

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