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    1. Can the OCO funds be reallocated and not designate them as WRA?

    2. Can the obligation be split between FY12 and FY13?


    The basic answer to your question is Other Contingency Operations (OCO) funding is whatever type appropriation account Congress said it is in the Appropriations Bill passed by Congress that the President signed into law will determine what the appropriation can be used for.

    Other Contingency Operations is not an appropriation account in itself; it is a purpose for which the appropriation account can be used. The term previously used for this purpose was Global War on Terror - GWOT.

    To determine which appropriation account (i.e., procurement or O&M) is proper to be used for a particular good or service, it is necessary to go into the actual Appropriations Act that provided the budget authority. There should also be some type Funding Authorization Document (FAD) by which budget authority was passed down to the activity involved that will tell you what type of appropriation it is. The FAD normally states the appropriation account and the purpose of the budget authority contained in the FAD. This will tell you what color of money the FY12 appropriation it is, and thus you can determine if the respective funding policy associate with the appropriation is appropriate to split between years at that point.

    Unfortunately, I am not familiar with WRA and cannot address that portion of your question.

    Once the budget authority is sub-allotted, please consult your local comptroller office for further guidance.

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