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    Does the revised APB need to be completed prior to the ASARC? What is the process of completing the revised APB? What kind of coordination does the PM office need to do with your office? If that process hasn't started yet I want to get it jump started as quickly as possible.


    AAP can only comment in general since the crux of the question appears directed at an Army staff element.  In general, if an APB must be revised, for whatever reason, the revised APB normally would be available, at least in final draft form, for a service level review like an ASARC.  The questioner must coordinate with his oversight chain to determine whether a final draft or an approved revised APB will be required for the review he mentions in the question.  We do not know why the APB needs to be revised. 

    Was it a managment decision or a baseline breach? Assuming it was a baseline breach involving a Key Performance Parameter (KPP) or Key System Attribute (KSA) taken from the CDD or CPD, the program office may lead the effort, or not, but the Army user/user rep (Requirements Manager) must approve the proposed change to the KPP and the user/user rep must also change the CDD/CPD.  If it was a breach affecting cost or schedule items contained in the APB, the program office will also take the lead and coordinate the action with the user and Army oversight elements on the staff. 

    Coordination of an APB usually requires at least one, and perhaps, several meetings with all affected parties (program office, user/user reps, e.g. TRADOC, oversight representatives (PEO and service staff) and test community) to agree on the changes and/or their affects on the program. 

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