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    If under the $1.5M threshold who can/has to approve - "correct a deficiency that is life-threatening, health-threatening, or safety-threatening" can this simply be an assumption made in the contract? does the money have to be called out for this purpose before hand? does it help to be oco money?


    From AFI 65-601 Vol 1:


    "9.10. O&M Minor Construction. Use O&M to cover projects whose funded cost is $750,000 or less. O&M funds may be used to fund a minor construction project costing between $750,000 and $1,500,000 if the project is justified to correct a deficiency that is life, health or safety threatening (10 U.S.C. 2805). If the project will cost more than $750,000, submit it to HQ USAF for further processing as either an unspecified minor construction or MILCON project. You must use MILCON major or unspecified minor construction to reimburse the O&M type construction funds for expenses incurred to that date. Reference AFI 32-1032, Planning and Programming Appropriated Funded Maintenance, Repair, and Minor Construction Projects."

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