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    EP 415-1-260/6-4 b. states that the day following acknowledgement of the NTP by the KTR is considered the first day of the contract. FAR 52.211-10 was incorporated stating.."The Contractor shall be required to (a) Commence work under this contract within the number of days indicated on each Task Order after the date the Contractor receives the notice to proceed..." Since NTP affects CCD and LD s do we begin time with the Partial NTP acknowledgement or the final NTP acknowledgement?


    We have never experienced a Phased NTP.  Not sure why your project needs it.  Our NTPs always included the time needed for all project activities, with performance adjustments for various constraints calculated in the total.  The administration burden and possible legal ramifications for calculating when the NTP starts becomes precarious at best.  Suggest you check with your Agency Head and Legal Counsel for their guidance.

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