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    AAO is the Army Acquisition Objective - what is it and why is it requirement? In other words what is it good for


    The acquisition objective is basically a measure of how many of a given weapons system or the quantity of a major component the Army requires, to accommodate a force structure that is a function of high level policy documents such as the Defense Planning Guidance. It is a necessary part of force structure planning, requirements determination and the Army's financial programming process.

    Army Regulation 70–1, 'Army Acquisition Policy', defines Army Acquisition Objective (AAO) as the quantity of an item required to equip the U.S. Army approved force and to sustain that force, together with specified allies, in wartime... through the period prescribed... at the prescribed support level. It is essentially a measure of specific items required to support a given force and strategic plan.  Army Regulation 710–1, 'Centralized Inventory Management of the Army Supply System' talks about the AAO as a means to help determine appropriate budgetary needs (how many procurement dollars are needed), and a stepping stone to calculation of the related Army Procurement Objective, which is an intended procurement quantity. The 710-1 provides some detail as to how these quantities are to be calculated, and the AAO for a given weapons system takes into account operational requirements, training requirements, maintenance and pipeline requirements, and so on.

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