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    It is my understanding that the C/SSR cost reporting rules/regs has been eliminated as of Nov 10. If this is correct, what are we uses for guidelines as to what level of cost reporting we should ask for in the award of new procurements. I'm particularly focused on awards of less then $2M. What makes sense. The contractor will give us anything we ask for but there will be an associated cost. When does the benefit warrant the cost? Thank you, Lawrence F. Franz


    The Cost/Status Schedule Report (C/SSR) was replaced with the Contract Performance Report (CPR) Format since March 2005.  For contracts for less than $2M, EVMS is not required.

    The current policy is found at in which you would read the instructions for a Cost Performance Report that can have Formats 1-5 when you need this information. The DID-MGMT 81466A at Final 3-30-05.pdf describes in detail about the CPR.

      EVM POLICY:  DoDI 5000.02, Encl 4. Table 5.  EVMS in accordance with ANSI/EIA-748 is required for cost or incentive contracts, subcontracts, intra-government work agreements, & other agreements valued > $20M (Then-Yr $). EVMS contracts > $50M (TY $) require that the EVM system be formally validated by the cognizant contracting officer. Additional Guidance in Defense Acquisition Guidebook and the Earned Value Management Implementation Guide (EVMIG). EVMS is discouraged on Firm-Fixed Price & Time & Material Contracts; & LOE activities regardless of cost.


    FAR EVM Clauses  (Not For DoD
    )  – Solicitation – 52.234-2 (Pre-Award IBR) or 52.234-3 (Post Award IBR) 
          – Solicitation & Contract – 52.234-4
    DoD ( ≥ $20M) DFAR Clauses   – 252.234-7001 for Solicitations; 252.234-7002 for Solicitations & Contracts
      Contract Performance Report  – DI-MGMT-81466A
    *  5 Formats = WBS, Organization, Baseline, Staffing, & Explanation
      Integrated Master Schedule   – DI-MGMT-81650
    * (Mandatory for DoD EVMS contracts)
      Integrated Baseline Review (IBR)  – Mandatory for all EVMS contracts
    * See the EVMIG for CPR & IMS tailoring guidance.

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