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    Dear Sir or Ma'am, I am currently seeking a Ammunition calculator that could provide me "shipping data" for all possible DODICs being currently used. For example, if I am shipping 875,000 rounds of DODIC: A059 (5.56mm) I would like to know how many "Wire Bond Boxes of 1640 rounds" I could fit on a Wood Pallet 40"x48"x50" and that would also give me total weight. This calculator would have to be able to tell me when I need additional Wood Pallets because I exceed Pallet parameter for round count. Calculator would be used to identify shipping requirements when using commercial carrier or Military transport. Any assistance would be welcomed Sincerely, Lynn L. Munoz SFC, USA


    Included is a spreadsheet at that calculates packaging information for you. If an item is not on the spreadsheet the official source for packaging is CAPULDI found at:

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