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    What is the definition of an Obsolete Part?


    The Defense Acquisition University (DAU) Glossary of Defense Acquisition Acronyms & Terms, 13th Edition, dated November 2009 contains the following definition:


    A lack of availability of an item or raw material resulting from statutory and process changes,

    as well as new designs.  Obsolescence deals with the process or condition by which a piece of
    equipment becomes no longer useful, or a form and function no longer current or available for
    production or repair.  Implementation of new technology causes older technology to become less supportable because of the diminished availability of parts and suppliers.  Mitigation practices include reviewing proposed parts lists for obsolescence and being proactive in the engineering design process prior to production. (DoD 4140.1-R)
    DoD 4140.1-R may be found at:
    Therefore, a simple definition of an Obsolete Part is a piece of equipment that becomes no longer useful.

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