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    When QAE retires can he or she work for one of the contractors that he/she was QAE for ? Would this b a conflict of interest. If this is possible is there a grace period he/she has to wait.


    Determinaton of whether this is a conflict of interest and implicates any of the Government's ethics standards of statutes such as the Procurement Integrity Act or 18 USC 207 or 208 or other restrictions or statutes is fact specific.  Since questions of this nature should be cleared with the individual's ethics office, we recommend that the individual submits a written information request to that ethics office for clarification and response. If you do not know who your ethices counselor is or would like further information, you may contact the DoD Standards of Conduct Office:  (703) 695-3422.  Fax:  (703) 697-1640.  E-mail: . 

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