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    Under a CRA, we will be limited to the amount of funding we can initially put on contract. What are the alternatives to FFP? Can we incrementally fund FFP? Or should we have a base award with FFP options?


    I passed this question out to our FM Professors for consideration and I'm told that each Command should refer to OMB Bulletin No. 10-03 entitled "Apportionment of the Continuing Resolutions(s) for Fiscal Year 2011" that related the OMB guidance on apportionment of funds during this CRA period.  Each person's command should have it.  Basically, it lays out specific instructions on how federal agencies are to consider their available obligational authority during CRA. 
    Bottom line - Your organization or Service should have a guidance letter showing the limits to each appropriation that may be obligated no matter what type contract.

    See a copy of OMB Bulletin No. 10-03 at

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