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    Do you still have to purchase the item from AbilityOne or can you move onto the next mandatory source (Wholesale supply sources) Thank you Phil Wendzillo 185Air Refueling Wing


    The answer is no.
    The FAR does read as stated in the background.  The key is to understand how
    "economically" is used.  Economically is in reference to an AbilityOne
    participating nonprofit agency's capability to produce the item.  It is not
    referring to the offered price being the most economical price in the
    So, unless an exception has been granted, an organization is to obtain the
    item(s) from the AbilityOne participating nonprofit agency.
    The above answer is based solely on the background and question provided as
    we do not have all of the facts pertaining to your particular situation.  We
    always recommend you consult your contracting officer and or legal for

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