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    Frankly, what should we do? We attempted a novation agreement but the contractor was only able (maybe willing) to provide a bill of sale. They have submitted 4 invoices for services rendered but OFM has been unable to pay them because of the whole CCR issue and my concern is whether there is a way to resolve this or should we have to terminate the existing task order. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


    Novation procedures are discussed at FAR 42.12 which provides prodcedures for processing the agreements and the required information that is to be included. The contractor will have to comply. In this case, where the contractor fails to provide the required information, I recommend the Contracting Officer drafts a letter to the contractors and lay out the information needed and the consequences of not providing the information. 

    Discuss the letter with your Legal/Counsel before it is released to get their input. 

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