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    Can you advise source to view and research structure and contents guidance for this Acq Strategy.?


    The best place to begin is with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS).  Specifically, FAR Part 7, Acquisition Planning and DFARS Sub-Part 207.1, Acquisition Plans, contain the specific policy and contents required for acquisition plans (strategy) for Government contracts. Program offices may write acquisition “…plans either on a systems basis, on an individual contract basis, or an individual order basis, depending upon the acquisition.” (FAR 7.103(e)). 
    The Defense Acquisition (DAU) Glossary of Defense Acquisition Acronyms and Terms, 13th Edition, dated November 2009 defines acquisition strategy as:

    Acquisition Strategy

    A business and technical management approach designed to achieve program objectives within
    the resource constraints imposed. It is the framework for planning, directing, contracting for, and
    managing a program. It provides a master schedule for research, development, test, production,
    fielding, modification, post-production management, and other activities essential for program
    success. The acquisition strategy is the basis for formulating functional plans and strategies
    (e.g., Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP), Acquisition Plan (AP), competition, systems
    engineering, etc.). See Acquisition Plan (AP).

    Acquisition Plan (AP)

    A formal written document reflecting the specific actions necessary to execute the approach
    established in the approved acquisition strategy and guiding contractual implementation. Refer
    to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Subpart 7.1, the Defense Federal Acquisition
    Regulation Supplement (DFARS) Subpart 207.1, and Acquisition Strategy in this Glossary.

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