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    What regulation, document, or authoritative source can I use to cite the information above?


    If your ACAT III program is on the OSD T&E oversight list 10 USC 2399 mandates an IOT&E for only ACAT I and II programs.  DODI 5000.02 and the Defense Acquisition Guide, chapter 9 should be your references. You would coordinate through your Service Operational Test Agency (ATEC/OTC) to work out test planning details for OSD DOT&E approval.
    If your program is an Army only program, then DA Pam 73-1 would be the reference and you would be working directly with ATEC/OTC.  This charges ATEC to render an independent report (either an assessment or regulation) at each acquisition milestone. For a quick overview of Army OT&E go to and select the TE Refresher/Operational Testing.
    The system's TEMP is the final authoritative document on the type and amount of T&E planned for the ACAT III system.  Of course, if the system is on the OSD T&E Oversight List for OT-purposes, then DOT&E approves the system TEMP.

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