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    If a Contracting Officer uses the DD2579 as it is intended (see DD2579B, which is the back of the form, which specifically gives the instructions on its use and applicability), then regardless of interpretation they would have to conclude that a DD2579 is NOT required for orders against an IDIQ contract because it specifies this on the DD2579 form itself. The DD2579 which was prepared and approved when the IDIQ was established covers all task orders placed under that contract as they fulfill the planning and purpose that was approved for that contract vehicle.


    You are quite right that the instructions on the DD Form 2579 (paragraph 4e(1)) state that the form will not be prepared for orders under an existing contract. As far as instructions go on government forms, it gets no clearer than this. I could not find anything in FAR/DFARS that gives any reasonable doubt about that instruction. In a perfect world, a DD Form 2579 would be prepared for every order— simply awarding a basic contract to a small business does not guarantee that the contracting officer will maximize use of that contract by placing all appropriate orders against it. However, the administrative burden would be immense, which is why I believe paragraph 4e(1) exists.

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