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    Given that PEO (the current MDA), the PM and everyone associated with the program believes that this system should stay ACAT III, is there any waiver process, any leeway, or any other way to remain ACAT III despite the projected total RDT&E budget exceeding the threshold?


    Size, complexity, and risk will generally determine the category of an acquisition program.  The designation of ACAT is an MDA responsibility IAW applicable laws and regulations.  The former DoDD 5000.2-R provided governance and has since been rescinded by DODD 5000.01.

    Is the program utilizing a PrePlanned Product Improvement scheme (PPP),or are these "upgrades" really modifications?

    Is the funding through the POM process?

    If the program growth is as described, then the program should have already been redesignated an ACAT II (see criteria below):

    • Does not meet criteria for ACAT I
    • Major system
      • Dollar value: estimated by the DoD Component Head to require an eventual total expenditure for RDT&E of more than $140 million in FY 2000 constant dollars, or for procurement of more than $660 million in FY 2000 constant dollars (s
      • MDA designation
    Contact USD AT&L CAPE to determine if an allowable waiver is possible.  there is no published procedure other than to comply and redesignate.


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