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    Does this contract need to be reported in the Contractor Manpower Reporting Application site?


    Yes. The Army still wants visibility over the labor component of the contract. No labor rates are reported, but the associated unloaded labor dollars must be reported. The question and answer below was taken from an Army FAQ site on Contract Manpower Reporting (CMR): 

    13. Question - What rate is to be reported, fully loaded or direct labor rate?

    Answer – No labor “rates” are reported for various labor categories. The information is reported at an aggregated level of detail, that is, by Federal supply and service code function and location (i.e., zip code where the work is performed by the contractor or their sub-contractors). Instead of rates, the following is to be reported: the number of direct labor hours performed for the reporting period; the associated direct (unloaded) labor dollars for the reporting period; and total payments for the reporting period. The hours and dollars are to include sub-contractors. It is anticipated that the total payments for that reporting period under that contract will include loadings and other direct (non-labor) costs. In addition, total payments include what has already been paid to the contractor and what the contractor expects to be paid for the reported services.

    Included at is an excerpt from Section H of an RFP that contains contractor reporting instructions for CMR purposes, which you may find useful.

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