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    Once the warranty expires on a closed out contract, what is the disposition of that contract? Thank you.


    Within DoD, DFARS 204.805(3) requires that contract files be retained by the cognizant contracting office for one year after completion. After that, they are sent to a staging area for a period specified at FAR 4.805 (typically six years and three months) before being destroyed. FAR 4.805(a) also states "Agency procedures for contract file disposal must include provisions that the documents specified in paragraph (b) of this section may not be destroyed before the times indicated and may be retained longer if the responsible agency official determines that the files have future value to the Government." Once (i) the warranty expires, (ii) the relevant contract document(s) no longer has value related to the expired warranty, and (iii) the year has passed since contract completion, follow the guidance at DFARS 204.805(3) and send the contract files to the appropriate storage/staging area.

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