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    DD Form 1594 Block 8- Date of final acceptance- Shouldn't we use the date from the receiving report? Name of responsible official- I understand my name should be in this block however, the contracting officer representative/customer was the responsible officer regarding the acceptance. Should we use the COR or customer name here? Block 9(b)- I understand the Contract Specialist will go in this block. Will the contract specialist have the signature authority to sign in 9(c)?


    Block 8 on DD Form 1594 is "REMARKS".  I do not see a "date of final acceptance" field on the form.  The responsible official that completes blocks 9b, c, and d  of DD 1594 is the Contracting Officer not the Contract Specialist.  See FAR 4.805, DFARS 204.804 and the PGI at 204.804 for further guidance on closeout procedures.

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