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    PM wants to know if there is a duration time limitation in the use of Contractor Logistics Support in support of a system?


    For most new weapon systems, organic (government) Depot-Level Maintenance must be established within 4-5 years after IOC. U.S. Code Title 10 also restricts or limits contractor involvement in Depot-Level Maintenance.  DAU has three online Continuous Learning Modules (CLMs) which explain restrictions due to military service determination of "Core" workload and "50/50" rule concerning workload allocation.  The three CLMs listed below can be accessed at and are described in the DAU catalog at  

    CLL 022 (Title 10 Depot Maintenance Statute Overview)
    CLL 023 (Title 10 U.S.C. 2464 Core Statute Implementation)
    CLL 024 (Title 10 Limitations on the Performance of Depot-Level Maintenance ~50/50 Rule)

    While Title 10 does not currently restrict or limit contractors providing logistics elements, like transportation or logistics training, some military services have published directives/guidance that express preference for using military support providers (like TRANSCOM).  

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