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    What is the easiest way to correct/update a LoA after award in SPS/PD2? I have created subCLINs with the description funding information only, and put the funding information on this CLIN (after making the main CLIN informational and subtracting funding). This seems to be an okay work around. I have to clean up and reword the summary of changes a bit, as not to confuse the vendor and DFAS, but it seems to do the job. However, I now have a few situations now where I have to change LoA on subCLINs. For example, I have subCLINs 0001AA, 0001AB, 0001AC with incorrect LoAs. Since I cannot create a subCLIN of a subCLIN, is my best/only course of action to create new subCLINs 0001AD, 0001AE, 0001AF and label them as funding information only? From what I can tell, I must create a priced subCLIN in order for the correct funding/LoA information to appear.


    PD2 limits users to one line of accounting (LOA) per line item. Users cannot delete or correct the LOA. To make changes to a LOA, the funded amount must be zero'ed out and a new informational line item created with the new LOA (as you have done). In order to correct a subCLIN in the system, the existing subCLIN must be reduced to zero and a new subCLIN entered with the new line of accounting. I know of no other way to make the correction on a subCLIN with incorrect LOA information.

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