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    What is the definition of .."a new start"?


    For Procurement and Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) appropriations, a New Start is any program, subprogram, modification, project, or subproject not previously justified by the Department of Defense and funded by the Congress through the normal budget process. New starts require either prior approval from the congressional defense committees or prior notification to the committees before funds can be obligated. 
    The term "new start" is often confused with "program initiation."  "New Start" is a financial managment term as described above,
    meaning something is a "new start" when it is first justified in the President's budget and the supporting DoD budget justification material, e.g., R-forms, for new starts to be funded under the RDT&E appropriation, and eventually approved by Congress.  By contrast, "program initiation" is a DoDI 5000.02 term and means that the potential or pre-acquisition program is now "officially" recognized as an acquisition program - frequently called a "program of record" or POR - normally as a result of a successful Milestone B Decision Review.

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