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    Is there guidance available for directed requirements to include a definition, documentation format, how and under what situation it is necessary and how it is treated in terms of budget justification?


    The Service can make Service level decisions and they are most likely pre-coordinated with Joint/OSD stakeholders. We expect that program directed efforts (directed by the OSD and/or Service) are really not that unusual. It could be in the form of a new stand alone requirement or an added capability to an existing program. The requester should ask the question of Requiring organization. The required capability is hopefully described in the appropriate Capability Document. That info should be provided to the office receiving the direction. Appropriate R or P forms would be prepared, justification etc. If the organization receiving the direction does not understand the requirement the only option is to get all info needed from the directing activity.  We are not aware of guidance specifically fitting this situation. For the budget documents follow DOD FMR 7000.14R and service guidance.

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