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    Is there an official avenue to establish a bandwidth requirement to the platforms and/or commands that will host the aircraft?


    Bandwidth requirements should normally be addressed in Capability Development Documents (CDDs) and the Capability Production Documents (CPDs) for both IT systems and National Security Systems (NSS) and flowed down to the technical performance specifications. 
    Information Support Plans (ISPs) for IT and NSS programs are required to describe how an acquisition program implements the CDD and CPD NR-KPP interoperability and supportability requirements and to identify support required from outside the program.
    Bandwidth is an operational capability and supportability requirement that should have been defined in the CH-53K or IVHMS CDD/CPD/Concept of Operations (CONOPS) and flowed down to the technical performance specification (which
    should include platform and ground supportability requirements).
    If there isn’t an ISP already identifying bandwidth requirements, the official channel would be going to the requirements writers for the platform or more likely the owner of the communications system that would be employed to move the data.  In the USMC, that would probably be the Marine Corps Combat Development Command in Quantico, VA.
    From a practical perspective, bandwidth may be made available if the priority of the data is high enough to the user.  Bandwidth provided by communications systems is almost always limited to less than the user desires.  It then becomes a bandwidth management issue in theater or within the operational units, such as a Marine Air-Ground Task Force.

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