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    Can a Procuring Contracting Officer (PCO) assign more than one Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) office to a signal contract? If so, what authority allows the PCO to assign several administration offices to one contract for DCMA administration?


    While more than one issue has become apparent (via e-mail) since the original AAP question was submitted, this following response addresses the original question— I know of no specific prohibition against the PCO assigning more than one contract administration office (CAO) to one contract. CAO's are geographically disbursed to provide administration services based on location of contract performance. There may also be a Memorandum of Agreement between DCMA and DLA that provides further clarification on DCMA administrative support for large DLA contracts. I recommend you contact the DCMA Executive Staff for that information. I can find no FAR or DFARS guidance that directly addresses this issue, as this is more a matter of DoD organizational support policy.

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