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    My questions is two fold. Does 205.303 apply to change orders? If so, does "face value" mean a negative number as well as a positive number?


    DFARS 205.303 applies to all modifications and there are cases such as a major descope actions that can have a face value of over -$6.5M. There is nothing in the DFAR that excludes negative face values resulting from a change.

    205.303 Announcement of contract awards.

      (a) Public Announcement.
        (i) The threshold for DoD awards is $6.5 million. Report all contractual actions,
    including modifications, that have a face value, excluding unexercised options, of more
    than $6.5 million.
          (A) For undefinitized contractual actions, report the not-to-exceed (NTE)
    amount. Later, if the definitized amount exceeds the NTE amount by more than $6.5
    million, report only the amount exceeding the NTE.
          (B) For indefinite delivery, time and material, labor hour, and similar contracts, report the initial award if the estimated face value, excluding unexercised
    options, is more than $6.5 million. Do not report orders up to the estimated value, but
    after the estimated value is reached, report subsequent modifications and orders that
    have a face value of more than $6.5 million.

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