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    How long does a contractor have to legally invoice/disburse on a CLIN (COntract Line Item Number)? WHere can I find the reference? Thanks.


    Check your contract to see which clause you may have. 

    52.216-7(d)(5) states final invoices submitted n later than 120 days after settlement of final indirect cost rates.

    52.212-4 Alt I(i)(6)(viii) states, The completion invoice, and supporting documentation, shall be submitted by the Contractor as promptly as practicable following completion of the work under this contract, but in no event later than 1 year (or such longer period as the Contracting Officer may approve in writing) from the date of completion.

    You can close-out prior contract years by following normal closeout procedures by telling the contractor to submit any open invoices by a certain time, otherwise the government will consider all obligations paid for that time period.  Work with your counsel on appropriate language to use in your letter to the contractor in order to expedite your process and allow you to de-obligate unused funds. 

    Also, your COTR should be tracking all hours and materials expended that match the contractor's figures.

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