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    Do I need to solicite a quote from vendor A for the increased qty of 10 units? Why or why not? Would there be a different answer if the total amount was over $3,000.00 (Micro purchase)but below $150,000.00 (Simplified Aquisition Threshold)? Would there be a different answer if vendor B quoted 1 unit for $200 and an alternate qty of 10 unit at $150.00 each for a total of $1500.00?


    There's no requirement to get additional competition due to the low dollar value and since it is below the micropurchase threshold.  Essentially, this would fall into the category of "unsolicited offer/proposal".  You have already competed the requirement for 1 "widget" and you will make the award to the low bidder for that one widget.  In addition, the low bidder has offered the government 10 more units for a total of $200.00. Because of the low dollar value and it falls within the micropurchase threshold, you do not need to request a quote from the other vendor. However, you may need to get new funding, because the funding you were initially given was for a quantity of 1 and now you have a new and separate requirement for 10 units.  You would need to get compettiton if the requirement was over $3,000. 

    See FAR Part 6 and 13 for reference to this question and your two additional hypotheticals.  Also, recommend addressing this question with your contracting officer and legal office.

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