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    1) Is there a list of COR Training Courses which are equivalent to CLC 106 for COR Training? Somewhere I read that COR 222 is an equivalent course to CLC 106. Is this true and are there other equivalent courses for CLC 106 or that meet the training requirement? 2) The latest DoD Standard for Certification of COR's for services acquisitions states that a minimum of 8 hours COR specific training meets the Refresher Training requirement. Is there a complete list of courses which can be taken to meet this 8 hour Refresher Training requirement? Can CLC 106 be repeatedly taken every three years to meet the refresher training? 3) Is CLM 003 the only course that meets the minium of 1 hour acquisition ethics training for COR Training (besides agency provided training)?


    1.  CLC 222 (on-line version) or COR 222 (in-residence version) teach all the competencies and learning objectives found in CLC106. Per the Dr. Carter memo on March 29, 2010,DoD Standard for Certification of Contracting Officers Representatives, those individuals who have taken COR 222 or CLC 222 do not have to take CLC 106.  The only other course that is equivalent,at this time, is Army Logistics University's (ALU) 40 hour COR course.  This fact is also in the March 29th memo.  Note: Since the Carter memo, ALMC has changed its name to ALU.

    2.  Unfortunately, the  DOD Instruction on COR Certification and Training has been in review for over a year.  It will list all the DAU on-line courses that might be used as refresher training.  These continuous learning modules includes CLC 013, Services Acquisition (to be significantly revised by May 2011), CLC004 Market Research, CLC 007 Source Selection...  but the bottom line is that any training can be taken.  CLC106 can be taken repeatedly every three years.  DAU just released a new version of CLC 106 in Jan 11.  It is likely that the course will be updated within the next three years.

    3. You can take any ethics training that is approved by your supervisor.  The Office of Government Ethis website has some good on-line training for example. The intention of the phrase "agency provided training" is that the local agency can decide what training is appropriate.  The CLM 003 is just an easy and convenient training course. Possibly you noted that this course was down for maintenance in early February.  It is back up and running again.

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