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    What personnel need to be involved in aquisition planning?


    The subject of acquisition plans is covered under Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 7.  Specifically, FAR 7.101 “Planner” means the designated person or office responsible for developing and maintaining a written plan, or for the planning function in those acquisitions not requiring a written plan.  FAR 7.104 requires that – “Acquisition planning should begin as soon as the agency need is identified, preferably well in advance of the fiscal year in which contract award or order placement is necessary. In developing the plan, the planner shall form a team consisting of all those who will be responsible for significant aspects of the acquisition, such as contracting, fiscal, legal, and technical personnel.”

    The “team” should include additional personnel depending on the subject of the acquisition and the skill set necessary to develop a comprehensive acquisition plan.  Be sure to check the applicable FAR Supplements and any other specific agency policies for additional guidance.

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