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    Is there any guidance for programs that are already past CDR and are currently working toward generating a Post-CDR Report and Post-CDR Assessment brief for the MDA? This memo sounds like the Post-CDR Assessment would now be an independent brief assessment generated by DASD(SE) vice the PM generating the assessment. So since DASD SEs weren't invited to our CDR, they certainly can't be expected to provide this assessment, correct?


    It is fair (and practical) to assume that "immediate" as used in the AT&L memo applies to programs that have not as yet conducted a CDR. And, yes, the requirement for a post-CDR assessment applies to all acquisition programs IAW DoDI 5000.02; however, the AT&L memo only applies to Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAP). The AT&L memo concludes by encouraging component MDAs to consider similar assignment of CDR reporting responsibilities for acquisition programs under their congnizance. So, do you need to make any changes to your ACAT III program as a result of ther AT&L memo? The answer is no, not at this time based on the scenario submitted.

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