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    Is there is any guidance or precedence regarding submitting change pages vice a complete update of an AS for an MAIS? We are looking at making some changes to contract type (going from Cost type to Fixed type). This is Post MS C and entering FDD. 1) Would attempting to do AS change pages be treated as a AS normal update? As though we were submitting a complete rewrite? 2) If change pages are allowable, what impact would it have on the program proceeding with pre-solicitation activities? Does that mean the base document is still in force? 3) Would announcing this intent jeopardize entry into FDD.


    This is not really an acquisition policy question, which is why DoDI 5000.02 and the DAG have no mention of the topic, but an administrative processing question.  An update to the Acquisition Strategy should be coordinated with the MDA and/or designated staff review personnel since an approved Acquisition Strategy is necessary for the FDD. The MDA/staff will provide direction on how to process this update, and also whether the changes alluded to will significantly affect the program's FDD decision. 

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