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    Could you please define life of the appropriation? Is it the active life (2 years for RDT&E) or active life plus 5 years in the expired status?


    The life of an appropriation is the period of time it is available for obligation.  A reference to the life of an appropriation is found in the DoD FMR in Volume 2A, Chapter 1, 010202 Full Funding of Procurement Programs, paragraph B3: “Long lead-time procurements shall be for components, parts, and material whose lead-times are greater than the life of the appropriation (3-5 years).”
    In contrast, the phrase “The life cycle of an appropriation” is used by the FMR (Volume 2A Chapter 1 paragraph 010107 B. 25) to refer to the period of obligation and expiration (before the appropriation is cancelled).
    Normal Life Cycle of Appropriations:
     __________Years For__________
       New Obligation Closed
      Obliga- Adjust. & End of
      tions Disburse. Year
    Approp  Unexpired  Expired  Canceled
    MilPers 1 2-6 6
    O&M. 1 2-6 6
    RDT&E 2 3-7 7
    Proc. 3 4-8 8
    SCN 5 6-10 *10
    Mil. Con. 5 6-10 10
      *Extended to 15-years under certain circumstances.


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