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    How is a best value determination accomplished or documented in a contract by a buyer?


    Mr John Spain (John.Spain.Ctr@Gunter.Af.Mil) from the Quarterly Enterprise Buy (QEB) Execution Team responsible for managing the QEB products listed on AFWay provided an excellent input to your question. 

    Ans: The short answer is that customers using AFWay don't need to determine best value since the products were pre-competed and a best value selection made for the product that matched the Air Force Information Technology (IT) requirements as posted on iTRM (Infostructure Technical Reference Model).
    For example, the Client Computing and Servers BPAs were issued July 1, 2010 to four vendors. An RFP was issued  to those four vendors for the set of products that complied with the iTRM.  The four BPA holders provided their bids with current systems and pricing.  Bids were then evaluated and award was made in accordance with the established evaluation criteria. The award document was posted on AFWay under the "News" tab and can be used by contracting officers as justification in their contract folders.  Thus, no further competition or action is required.
    You might also want to read AFI 33-112 which was just updated in January 2011.  In paragraph 14 it specifies the requirement to purchase the ITCC program products (such as QEB) using AFWay.  


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