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    Can contractors perform end of day security checks in a government facility?


    I see that you are from an Army office.  Therefore, I direct you attention to Army Regulation (AR) 380-5, dated 29 September 2000. Specifically, paragraph 6-11 End-of-day security checks.  Since you are concerned with contractors working late after duty hours, I direct you to subparagraph b(2) which states:
    “After–duty–hours inspections are conducted only by military or civilian security personnel, and for the sole purpose of detecting improperly secured classified information.”
    This refers to the inspection of desks and may not be specifically referring to the “normal” end-of-day check which would include checking security containers, etc. and annotating the SF 701 or 702.  Paragraph 1-10 citing the applicability of the regulation does include contractors as follows:
    “For the purposes of this regulation, DA personnel includes any active or reserve military personnel or National Guard, assigned or attached to a Department of the Army installation or activity, and persons employed by, assigned to, or acting for, an activity within the Department of the Army, including contractors, licensees, certificate holders, and grantees, and persons otherwise acting at the direction of such an activity.”
    Finally, you should check your local procedures and the specific contract that employs the contractor personnel for any restrictions on contractors working in your office unsupervised by Government personnel.  It has been my experience that contractors have not been allowed to work “unsupervised” in the Government facility thereby precluding the necessity of them performing the end-of-day security check.

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