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    Are procurements funding with R&D exempt from CPARS? If so, can an agency still have CPARS reporting?


    I have researched the CPARS website as administered by the Naval Sea Logistics Center, Detachment Portsmouth and Research and Development is not listed in their Business Sectors for CPARS input. See Below: Business Sector Dollar Threshold* Systems>$5,000,000
    -Ship Repair/Overhaul>$ 500,000
    Operations Support >$5,000,000
    -Fuels>$ 150,000
    -Health Care>$ 150,000
    Information Technology>$1,000,000
    Construction>$ 650,000
    Architect –Engineering>$ 30,000
    *Civil Agencies>$ 150,000
    CPARS Frequently Asked Questions:
    2. Do I have to do a CPAR for RDT&E contracts?

    A: No. If the RDT&E contracts are funded with 6.1 (Basic Research), 6.2 (Exploratory Development), or 6.3 (Advanced Technology Development) funds a CPAR is not required because they fall under the Science and Technology Sector which is not applicable to CPARS. Refer to the DoD CPARS Guide page A1-5 for details. 

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