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    My questions are: Definitive to IDIQ: 1) I do not think I can change this Definitive contract to IDIQ contract, am I correct? If there is a way, please provide some guidance. 2) If I cannot change it to IDIQ, I heard I can create task orders as contract modifications. Is this correct and if it is possible, how can I do it? Is there anything I should know to set these task orders under the Definitive contract? Option: 3) How can I separate the Army and National Guard funding under this definitive contract? 4) Is it possible to only exercise one SLIN out of four SLIN option year 1? What are the things I should do, so it would be set up properly? Please provide me some guidance.


    You can restructure the contract if you want to and the contractor concurs via a bi-lateral modification. The authority and citation is FAR 1.6.  You will have to do an administrative bi-lateral modification keeping the dollars the same, and changing just about everything else, including the appropriate clauses. You may have to adjust monies- but as long as the bottom line is unchanged it should be OK.
    I would change each SLIN into a separate stand-alone option CLIN- that would allow you to track the fund source separately and also allow you to exercise one or more of the CLINs, but not others.
    If you are asking how to separate the Army and National Guard funds previously placed on the contract, you would do that under one CLIN as separate SLINs and specify which SLIN is for which funding source (and how much)- and again this would be strictly an administrative adjustment- no dollar numbers change.
    Please be sure to include your legal counsel in your deliberations.

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